So to help you get a loan online quickly, easily and quickly, as well as getting one of the lowest interest rates on the market, we have prepared a post for you to learn how to borrow .

The Advantages of Getting a Loan

The Advantages of Getting a Loan

The website of this company provides loans with one of the lowest interest rates in Brazil, this is one of the factors that most attract customers to the service provider.

They offer credit from 2 thousand to 35 thousand dollars with payment term between twelve to thirty six months.

Many clients borrow to pay off other debt at much higher rates, such as credit card and overdraft. However, credit also caters for other occasions that require fast money and a fair interest rate, such as retirement, travel, marriage or any other financial need.

All of these advantages offered by the platform make it extremely competitive with financial institutions, its lending conditions match the personal credit offered by large banks, but with much lower interest rates.

In addition to reducing headcount to lower transaction costs, the leasing system becomes much faster and more convenient due to intelligent credit analysis. Everything is done without having to go to the bank, and you already know at the time it was approved or not!

Therefore, for all those who need fast cash, especially when it comes to small amounts, our lending company is one of the most suitable due to its low interest rates and facilities.

What does it take to get a loan ?

What does it take to get a loan ?

To get a loan , visit the company’s website

The website interface is very simple and easy, all the necessary information is right on the first page, so just follow the six steps to make the loan.

  1. Enter loan amount and installments

At this stage the customer chooses the amount, term and tells the reason for the loan, which can reach up to USD 35,000.00.

  1. Make your registration

To register you enter your name, email and social security number, after which you receive an etoken so that can validate your registration.

  1. Fill out the loan application

Once you register, you begin to fill out your loan application with personal, professional, monthly income, occupation and bank details. At the end of the order you know in a few minutes if it was approved.

  1. Proposal Review

Once approved, you can review your order. Both the amount and the quantities of installments can be changed. If the amount requested for the change is not possible, will offer you the maximum loan amount possible.

  1. Online contract signature

The contract is digitally signed by receiving an etoken by email, ie no paper required. It is safe and practical.

  1. Document and photo submission

The documents are sent over the internet. You will be asked for your ID or CNH with CPF, proof of residence and a photo taken on the spot.

  1. Financial progress monitoring

After approval and submission of documents your loan will be deposited within 10 days. If all documents and photo are sent correctly, ie a clear, well-framed photo and readable documents, the loan can be in your account within 2 days. If the documents are not validated within 10 days, the signed contract is automatically canceled.

  1. Payment of installments

Upon receipt of the loan, the customer has a control panel to be able to print their slips and track the status of their loan.

As you can see, there are no major difficulties in getting a loan through the platform, as the facilities and technological innovations in the way the company operates are also reflected in the simplified way of offering loans through the site.

Unfortunately does not yet have a product that serves negative customers.

Another important factor is that the site charges a one-time service charge of 5% on the amount of credit released, for the purpose of payment of operating costs and for the use and operation of the platform.

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